Voyager Models
Ammunition for Hummel/sFH18 Howitzer
pattern 1

Voyager 1:35 Set # PEA114
Review by Terry Ashley

Voyager Models have released this set of a brass 150mm high-explosive (HE) Spgr.Patr.36 shells and cartridge cases for use with either of the two German sFH 18 Howitzer kits from Dragon (kit #6392) and Trumpeter (kit #02304) as well as the earlier Dragon Hummel kits.

The set has eight HE shells with cleanly machined details and the cartridge cases hollowed out to about half their depth for a good representation of the casings. Also included are eight etched base plates for the cartridge cases with embossed details and firing cap.

Metal parts
Voyager Models
Voyager Models

There is no cleanup required at all on the brass shells or the cartridge cases and the undersides of these have small raised notches that fit into corresponding recesses on the etched base plate and this makes for quick and easy fitting ensuring the plate is located centrally.

The small instruction sheet shows the shells and cartridge cases fitted together in the conventional manner but these rounds had the cartridge case separate from the shell and were only joined when inserted into the breech for firing.

There are numerous photos of the sFH18 showing the rounds being prepared for firing in the books listed below that should the correct use of the shells in a diorama setting.

Close up of cartridge case and etched base
Voyager Models

This is a simply set of nicely machined brass shells and cartridge cases for either of the sFH18 kits or the Hummel that have the most widely used rounds and will add a nice finishing touch and help populate a firing position diorama.

Highly recommended. 8/10

Model Detail Photo Monograph No.19
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ISBN 83-919061-6-7


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Hummel Sd.Kfz.165
Nuts & Bolts Vol.10


Ground Power No.70
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GALILEO Publishing Co.,Ltd.

Thanks to Voyager Models for the review set.

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