WW2 Productions
Panther six chevron late track
1:35 Set No. 35001
Review by Terry Ashley

This is actually the first track set released from WWII Productions but stands the test of time well and is designed to be used on any applicable Dragon, Italeri or Tamiya later Panther/Jagdpanther kits with 220 links and two resin track pin bumps for the rear hull sides. The instructions indicate there are 86 links per side so you get quite a few additional links to be used as required.

The set has handed tracks with small bags with left and right handed tracks with the difference being the end pins which extend out further on the inside allowing then to rub against the rear hull side pin bumps keeping them in place. You should make sure not to mix up the left and right tracks to ensure the detail is maintained on the final model.

The links are cast in the usual light gray resin with just some minor fine resin film to be removed from the drive and guide teeth holes with the details being excellent with light cast texture and fine casting numbers on each link. There are a few minor air holes on some links but these only appear on the end of the links and are only visible with the links around the drive and idler wheels and these can be filled with small drops of thicker cyanoacrylate.

Resin track links and track pin bump
WW2 Productions

The excess resin film is easily and quickly cleaned away with a sharp X-Acto #11 blade with each link having the usual WW2 Productions pins and locating holes designed to be simply clipped together for fully articulated track runs.

Details of the links showing the cleanup needed
WW2 Productions
WW2 Productions

Assembly is very quick and easy by slipping one link over the pin on the next link, then line up the other pin and with light outward thumbnail pressure clip the pin into place with the large pins making for very robust track runs that hold together well during normal handling and articulate quite freely.

Method of clipping the links together which is quick and easy
WW2 ProductionsWW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions

The assembled track runs fit perfectly around the dive sprockets from all the kits test fitted from Dragon (Panther G Late), Italeri (Jagdpanther) and Tamiya (Panther G Late) making for a quick and easy update to which ever kit you use the links on.

The resin track pin bumps have nice weld seams included and the instructions give a plan view with the distance shown from the rear and bottom of the hull to ensure you fit them in the right location.

This is very well cast and detailed set of Later six chevron Panther tracks with minimal cleanup but a few air holes to deal with and articulate freely to form natural track sag and the good fit on all available Panther kits makes for wide appeal to add that extra detail.

Highly Recommended.

Assembled tracks around Dragon, Italeri and Tamiya kit drive sprockets.
Note the excellent links details including small casting numbers but there are a few air holes exposed on the
ends of the links when around the sprockets.

WW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions
WW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions
WW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions

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