WW2 Productions
Sd.Kfz.250 Track and Detail Set
1/35 Set No. 35003
Review by Terry Ashley

WWII Productions are a new Australian company producing resin track links and detail parts.

I have just received this set for the Sd.Kfz.250 designed for any of the Dragon kits. Cast in a light gray resin the set consists of approximately 100 track links with the pad included, two new outer drive sprocket wheels with separate late style centre hubs and an assembly jig for the drive sprocket (more on this later). As with any resin parts a quick wash in soapy water before use to remove any residue is advisable.

The Track Links:
These have excellent detail with very fine cast effect on the surface as well as casting numbers on each link, with tracks this small you need good eyes but will come up well with painting and weathering.

The links do have some fine resin film between the two ‘prongs’ but will come off easily by waving a sharp x-acto #11 over them or as the instructions suggest using an old toothbrush to gently scrub the flash away.

The big plus with these tracks is the simple click together assembly; this is quick and easy resulting in fully articulated lengths of track with realistic movement.

WW2 Productions

The Drive Sprockets:
Two well detailed outer drive sprockets are included to replace the Dragon kit items. After removing the casting plug the new sprocket is attached to the kit sprocket back (Dragon part B2), this is quick and simply and took me all of ten minutes to assemble.
The new sprocket has excellent details including the pad attachment bolts, there was some thin resin film to remove from between the ribs but again it is easily removed.
An assembly jig is provided to help assembly the new drive sprocket with the Dragon kit back part to ensure the pads on both parts line up correctly. The plastic and resin parts will stick together using normal liquid cement which is helpful but a dab of CA glue to fully secure the bond would be helpful.
Also included are two ‘hubcaps’ sometimes seen on late model Neu Alte 250s, these ‘clip’ over the centre of the drive sprocket after removing a small section of the raised hub.

WW2 Productions
Dragon Sprocket and new WW2 Productions Sprocket
WW2 Productions
Assembled tracks around drive sprocket

The Instructions:
A double sided A4 page is included which includes general instructions as well as specific instructions for the assembling the drive sprockets. The instructions for assembling the tracks simply say to attach one pin and then clip the other into place, as simple as you would want.

An excellent and well detailed set of track links with the two drive sprockets added for good measure.
The simplicity of assembly in noteworthy, I also have the ModelKasten 250 workable tracks which are nowhere near as well detailed and are far more fiddly to assembly, not to mention more expensive.
These tracks will really look good on any of the Dragon 250s:

The Resin Bits
WW2 Productions

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