WW2 Productions
T-55 Track Set
1/35 Set No. 35008
Review by Terry Ashley

This latest set of tracks from WWII Productions is for the Tamiya T-55 kit (35257) and adds to the growing list of tracks for this kit.

The Track Links:
The track links themselves are cast in a the usual light grey resin to a high standard although there is some minor moulding seam lines along one edge and thin film ‘flash’ to be removed from each link. This is easily done with a sharp X-ACTO #11 blade, but take care not to damage the small attachment pins while cleaning up the links. The details included on the links is excellent with nice surface texture and if you look closely enough some small casting numbers are there to add to the final effect.
The tracks are made up of 86 links on the right side and 87 links for the left side and as you are provided with 190 links there is plenty of extra links.

You will have to leave the kit idler arms (parts A11) unglued and make some minor adjustments to get the right track tension before gluing the arms in place, that is the only work needed as the links fit perfectly around the drive sprockets.

As with previous WWII Productions track sets the best part is the easy snap together construction, each link having a large and small pin moulded on which slip into corresponding holes in the next link. By positioning the larger pin and then clipping the smaller pin into place you will quickly have the lengths together, it really is ridiculously simple.

The Resin Bits
WW2 Productions
WW2 Productions
WW2 Productions WW2 Productions
Assembled tracks around the Tamiya drive sprocket

The tracks won't fit the Trumpeter T-55 drive sprockets without major modification to the sprockets as they are wider than the Tamiya sprockets and the teeth have a different pitch.
For the ESCI T-55 kit some minor modifications to the drive sprocket teeth will be needed to fit the WWII Prod tracks, the width of the sprockets fit into the drive holes on the tracks okay.
And as for the Skif T-55, just two words - forget it.

The Instructions:
A usual double sided A4 page is included which includes general instructions as well as specific instructions for assembling the links including the notes on positioning the kit idler arms.

Another superb set of tracks from WWII Productions with the track allowing a natural sit around the drive sprockets and over the road wheels, quite frankly with the excellent details and ease of assembly you really can't do much better.

Highly Recommended.

Page Created 8 August 2003

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