WW2 Productions
Ostkentten Track
(for Pz.Kpfw III/IV and variants)

1:35 Set No. 35019
Review by Terry Ashley

This set of tracks represents the later war (43/44) purpose built “Ostketten” or wide winter track which followed the earlier grouser type winter track and was specially developed for use in the mud and snow of the Russian front and could be fitted to any Panzer III or IV based vehicle.

The set has 220 individual links in light grey resin and two replacement idler swing arms to use as required and the details on the links is excellent with well defined rib pattern and indentations on the guide teeth.
The links are packed in two separate bags for the left and right hand tracks as they are obviously handed so ensure these are not mixed up during assembly.

Some cleanup is required on each link by removing the thin resin film from the teeth holes and small lightening hole each side of the link and these holes do weaken the link a little, especially the outer hole and care is needed when handling the links.

Resin track links
WW2 Productions
Image showing the fine resin film to be cleaned out
and cleaned link ready for assembly

WW2 Productions

Each link has the usual large and small locating pin with corresponding holes in each link and assembly is very straightforward by slipping one link over the larger pin and using a pair of fine tweezers clip the link over the smaller pin.

The reason for using the tweezers is because of the flimsy outer section of the link and using your fingers can bend the link in a way you don’t want but on the positive the flexing of the outer section actually helps when fitting the links together.

As you clip the smaller pin in place the outer section of the link flexes outward slightly allowing the pin to slip into the locating hole very easily and made these links one of easiest to assemble and also the strongest as the smaller pin is not damaged in any way.

The assembled track runs look excellent articulating very freely and test fitting shows they will fit all the major kit brands Panzer III and IV kit drive sprockets perfectly which also shows all the manufacturers got the drive sprocket tooth pitch correct.

Assembly sequence
WW2 ProductionsWW2 ProductionsWW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions
WW2 Productions
Assembled tracks around Dragon, Italeri and Tamiya Pz.III and Pz.IV drive sprockets.
WW2 ProductionsWW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions
WW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions

The Instructions:
A single double sided A4 page is included which includes general instructions as well as specific instructions for assembling the links and indicates how many links are required per side for the different vehicles the tracks can be used on to help fitting the tracks correctly.

A nicely detailed set of tracks offering a good alternative to the standard Pz.III/IV track for a Russian front vehicle and while there is some cleanup needed on each link the easy of assembly more than compensates for this.

Highly recommended.

Page Created 3 June 2005

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