WW2 Productions
KV Sprockets
1:35 Set No. 35022
Review by Terry Ashley

This simple update set is designed for use on the Tamiya KV series kits to added detailed drive sprockets as well as allowing you to use the excellent KV workable tracks from WWII Prod Set #35014.

The sprockets are the later type with just eight bolt heads on the centre hub and therefore can only be used on Model 1942 and later vehicles.

Included in the set are eight parts in light grey resin which are cleanly cast with just some minor resin film and small casting blocks to be removed.

The parts provide you with hull plugs to fill the motorization holes on the Tamiya hull and replacement final drive housings as well as two part detailed drive sprockets that include inside details missing form the Tamiya sprockets.

To fit the resin parts you will need to the remove the moulded on final drive bolt ring from the Tamiya hull and then fit the hull plugs and new final drives which have rear pins to fit into the hull cut-out for precise location.

After adding these parts it is then possible to fit the track from set #35014 to add more detail to the kits.

A simple and well detailed update for the Tamiya KV kits that will improve the final appearance to the kits without much effort.

Highly recommended

Resin parts
WW2 Productions
WWII Prod and Tamiya drive sprockets
WW2 Productions
Resin hull filler and final drive housing fitted to Tamiya hull after removing moulded on details
WW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions
Assembled tracks from set #35014 around resin drive sprocket.
WW2 Productions

Page Created 24 May 2005

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