WW2 Productions
Early 38(t) Tracks
for Ausf.A,B,C,D
for Tristar kits
1:35 Set No. 35042
Review by Terry Ashley

The set:
This latest resin individual links track set from WWII Productions is designed for the Tristar kit of the Kpfw.38(t) Ausf.B (kit #35026) or any other early 38(t) kit as the early track differed from the later track in not having indentations in the guide teeth. The Tristar kit has the later track with teeth indentations and while some D's were fitted with the later track all the earlier Ausfs used the early style track.

The set consists of 220 links cast in light gray resin for 93/94 links per side with enough left over for the spare track to use as required.

Resin track links
WW2 Productions

The standard of resin casting is very high with the only cleanup being some thin resin film in the tooth holes which varies between links and is easily removed with a #11 blade plus the remnants of the casting blocks along the lip of the track shoe.

Each link has excellent track face details with good definition on the end connectors with fine casting numbers on the outer edge of each link as well as nice surface texture and the solid guide teeth as mentioned.

Each link has the usual two pins, one small and one larger that clip into corresponding holes in the next link to form the track runs and these clip together to make assembly very quick and easy but you have to watch how you clip the links together to not damage the smaller pin.

Details of the links showing the minimal cleanup needed
WW2 Productions

After slipping the larger pin into the next link align the smaller pin over the link and while holding the links in one hand use the other to apply sleight pressure while using a pair of stout pair of tweezers to flex the outer pin out and around the locating hole to clip in place. Don't try and press (clip) the links together directly or you will just snap off the small pin. I found the outward flexing and finger pressure resulted in quick and easy assembly but care is needed obviously to avoid snapping off the smaller pin.

Any links damaged while mastering the process can be simply glued together and used in the straight ground run with the articulated track used around the sprockets/idlers and for the sleight upper track sag.
In the short length of track I assembled for the review (about 20 links) I only broke one small pin in the process with the others going together quite easily using the method above.

Method of clipping the links together which is a little tricky
to avoid breaking off the small locating pin.

WW2 Productions
This method resulted in fairly quick and
trouble free assembly once mastered.

WW2 Productions

The assembled track runs articulate very freely and are quite robust without any tendency to come apart with normal handling but you should still handle them with care to avoid damage.

The tracks fitted very snugly around the Tristar kit drive sprockets as you would expect without any modifications required for a quick a quick and easy update.

Assembled tracks around Tristar 38(t) Ausf.B kit drive sprocket.
WW2 Productions

This is a very well cast and detailed set of early 38(t) tracks that assembly very easily once you master the technique and fit the Tristar sprockets snugly very little cleanup required.

The track detail is very nicely done with the solid guide teeth and casting details for a nice set of replacement tracks for Tristar 30(t) Ausf.B.

Highly Recommended 8/10.

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