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  • Panzers in Berlin 1945
    by Lee Archer, Robert Kraska and Mario Lippert.

    Reprint available 15 November
    This is the most complete study of the role of Panzers in the Battle of Berlin yet published.
    At 392-pages, the book is lavishly illustrated with 360 mostly unpublished photographs that take the reader from the retreat at Seelow to collecting wrecks from central Berlin. Years of painstaking research and a network of like-minded researchers from across the globe have enabled the authors to piece together the who, where and why, including lists of wrecks documented by the military government in the immediate post-war period.
    In addition to informative text and hundreds of photos, many pages include a QR code – just point your smartphone camera at the code to show the scene today in Google Street View, while a separate map shows Berlin as it was in 1945 and plots the locations of the wrecks.To complete the coverage, acclaimed military artist Felipe Rodna has created sixteen pages of exquisite specially-commissioned artwork.

    Book Data

    Authors: Lee Archer, Robert Kraska and Mario Lippert
    Artist: Felipe Rodna
    ISBN: 9781908032164
    Language: English (UK)
    Pages: 392
    Photos: 360
    Artworks 16
    Maps: Three, and a separate map of Berlin in 1945
    Physical: Hardcover, 277x214mm, landscape
    Book link: https://www.panzerwrecks.com/product/panzers-in-berlin/

See the Panzerwrecks.com website for full details

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