bookGM C15TA Armoured Truck
Army Wheels in Detail
Photo Manual AW09

By James Gosling, Petr Brojo

Capricorn Publications
Zeniskove 2124/8, 149 00 Prague 4,
Czech Republic

ISBN: 978-80-903945-8-2
44 pages soft cover

Review by Terry Ashley

This book from Capricorn Publications in their Army Wheels in Detail series covers the C15TA Armoured Truck used from 1944 to the end of the war by Allied forces in NW Europe with text in English and Czech.

There is a short development history inside the front cover giving a detailed history of the design and production of the C15TA plus a specification data chart with all the relevant data. The next seven pages have black and white wartime photos of the C15TA in use with Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Group and 5th Canadian Armoured Division that give very good overall views of the exterior along with the crew storage.

The next 31 pages have a overall all around views of a restored C15TA but the vast majority are close-up detailed shots of the vehicle including the lower chassis taken during restoration plus the suspension, differentials, drive shafts and wheels taken from under the vehicle for excellent detail. The engine is shown from inside the cab with covers removed as well as with the front compartment panels removed to show good visible details of the engine, the engine compartment exterior is also shown in detail.

The inside of the front cab and rear cabin are also shown in great detail with many excellent details along with exterior cab details showing the lights, doors and aother detials to good effect. As well as the many close-up photos there are also many illustrations from the service manual to suppliment the close-up photos very well and gives clarity to many of the details seen on the photos.

Finally there are two sets of four view 1:35 plans for the 'standard' C15TA and the Ambulance version with squared rear body along with three four view illustrations showing typical paint and markings details again the the 'standard' C15TA and the Ambulance version.

As with other books in this series the 44 pages are packed with excellent details and a very good overview coverage of the C15TA with excellent walk-around shots and development history for an excellent reference on the C15TA.

With the just announced Mirror Models plastic kit of the C15TA due soon this will be an indespensable reference for Allied modellers.

Highly recommended

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Thanks to Capricorn Publications for the review book.

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