book Ground Power Special

Published by Delta Publishing Co.Ltd. Japan

From the publishers of Ground Power comes this special devoted to the Sdkfz251 armoured halftrack.

Consisting of 164 pages entirely in black and white with Japanese text it is packed with detailed photos of all variants of the 251.

Starting with 28 pages of general 'in action' type shots of the 251 from all theatres it gives good views and has excellent diorama potential.

The next 26 pages are a detailed overview of the 251 plus a few photos of the Sdkfz.11 from which the 251 derived. This includes interior shots and quite a few production line photos showing the chassis on its own giving excellent views of the chassis, running gear, gearbox, front radiator and suspension showing the steering links. There is also an exploded view of a single track link showing all the 23 individual components which make up each link (who said this German track was complicated?). This is topped of with line drawings showing the layout of the chassis and its components, all of which would be applicable to the Sd.Kfz.11 also.

Following this is four sections each with six pages dealing with the four production sub-types A, B, C and D. Each has 1/35th plans plus interior photos and layout drawings with a number of external shots to give a good overview of each type.

The next 84 pages are devoted to each of the 23 variants of the 251. Each has a 1/35th side view drawing showing the layout as well as some having additional internal drawings. The number of pages indicates the depth of coverage for each type.

Finally there are 3 pages with photos of '1 off' type vehicles including a 251/1 fitted with a 2.8cmsPzB41 and another with a single mounted MG151.
Of real interest are 2 photos showing the fitting of a captured US M4 Sherman 4.5in Calliope rocket mount in a 251/1. The right side of the hull has a section cut out to accommodate the raising mechanism. Now there is something different to model?

In short this is a sensational publication and a must have for any German armour fan. Quite a few of the photos have been seen in other publications while a number are new to me (but maybe not to dedicated German equipment watchers). The fact that all these photos are together in one accessible place is a rear bonus.

Available via mail order from Rainbow Ten in Japan.

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