bookMilitary Illustrated Modeller
February 2013 (issue 022)
AFV Editions Editor: Marcus Nicholls
Published by ADH Publishing Ltd.

Review by Terry Ashley

Military Illustrated Modeller is published monthly and alternates between the Aircraft Edition and AFV Edition, we look here at the recent February 2013 issue 022.

• SCALE MODELWORLD 2012 MiM reports from Scale Modelworld 2012!
A six page colour photo coverage of the recent Scale Modelworld 2012 show held at Telford, UK each year.

• PAK MENTALITY Angus Creighton builds AFV Club’s 1:35 PaK43.
A six page detail build of the AFV Club kit with heaps of build photos as well as painting the model with text describing the process.

• COMPANY CLARK Clark CA-1 airborne bulldozer reference feature.
This is a four page photo reference of the diminutive Clark CA-1 airborne bulldozer that played a role in the Normandy campaign and offers some excellent detail shots for modellers.

• BASTOGNE OR BUST! Carl Startin paints Young Miniatures’ 1:10 SS Sturmman bust.
Describes the painting of the 1:10 bust with text and colour photos.

• YOUR CHARIOT AWAITS! Painting and weathering Hobbyboss’s 1:35 Merkava IV.
This eight page feature describes the painting of the Hobbyboss Merkava IV, there are no build photos or notes just the numerous colour photos of the painting process with added text for those with the kit or any other for that matter.

• HEDGEROW HELL How the Normandy bocage looks today, and how it was for the soldiers in June ‘44.
This is an interesting 2 page then and now with photos of the Normandy hedgerows in 1944 and now, useful and interesting information for modellers and historians.

• KIT PREVIEW Resicast 1:35 6-inch howitzer.
This is a single page review of the Resicast kit with a brief description of the kit contents with photos showing the main resin parts and assembled gun.

• DESTROYED IN ACTION References from the 1944 Normandy campaign.
A six page reference feature with numerous B&W period photos of destroyed German armour and vehicles from the Normandy campaign and again offers some very useful and interesting information for modellers and historians.

• US NAVY PAC-VEE; FLOATING ON A CUSHION OF AIR (PART TWO) Construction of Masterpiece Models’ 1:35 ‘Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle’ concludes.
The Editor concludes his build of this full resin kit with descriptive text and numerous colour photos during construction as well as with the painting process to the finished model.

Also included is the "News" page listing some of the recent releases from model producers and the "Ordnance Depot" with recent aftermarket etched. resin and decal releases.

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