AFV Club
Zimmerit coating
application die

Kit No. AC 35003
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club have released this simple Zimmerit application die set and no the typo on the label doesn't mean that Homer has taken up modelling - doe!

The set comes in four metal parts, an application handle, two application rollers of different thickness and the securing self taping screw.

The two roller wheels have the same number of ridges but one is 3.5mm wide and the other 4.5mm wide for different applications. Attaching the roller wheels to the handle is quite simple, just screw the required wheel in place with the self tapping screw but don't over tighten this as it is not necessary to hold it in place, the wheel rotates quite freely once the screw is tightened.

The application handle also has ribbing on both ends for applying different zimmerit patterns or applying zimmerit in confined spaces such as on a Tiger I mantlet and is used in a stamping motion.

Depending on the medium being used for you zimmerit it would be an idea to moisten the wheel with water (when using Milliput) or a suitable lubricant for other putties or epoxies so the wheel will not stick and move freely over the surface ensuring an even application of the pattern.

While I haven't actually applied any zimmerit with the tool the theory looks good and the tool sits comfortably in the hand but only using it will tell the full story.


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AFV Club

Thanks to my credit card and the excellent service from Blast Models for the review kit.

Page Created 28 March 2005

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