US Cal.30 Browning M1919A4 Barrels
with one part muzzle

ABER 1:35 Set #35 L-82
Review by Terry Ashley

Following the previous Cal.30 barrels set #35 L-62, ABER have now released this set which is basically the same just with a different style muzzle cap for the barrel as there were variations on the actual muzzle caps seen on Cal.30s

The Set:
The set contains two barrels per set done in what may be considered the "conventional" way for barrels of this type with finely turned perforated brass cooling jackets and the inner barrel also in brass that simply fit together to form the barrel.

metal barrel parts

Dimensionally the cooling jacket is the correct length and the holes visually match the actual jacket as well as the notched muzzle cap as mention for a well proportioned barrel.

The inner barrel has the muzzle drilled out slightly and also includes the two small notches on the muzzle tip with the smal lip at the back of the muzzle cap while the cooling jacket is done in quite thin brass with cleanly drilled holes to give a very good appearance with minimal work.

There was a little excess brass inside the cooling jacket but pushing the inner barrel through the jacket removed this without any trouble and that is all the cleanup required.

Fitting the barrel to any available Cal.30 MG is very easy and I have used here the gun from the recent Dragon kits for uniformity and you simply cut off the kit barrel, drill a small 0.8mm hole and insert the pin on the end of the brass barrel, nothing could be easier. There is a small raised ridge around the received end of the barrel that ensures the cooling jacket sits evenly over the barrel for a better appearance.

The metal barrel with the Italeri Cal.30 from their new Staghound kit showing the simple work
needed to fit the barrel and the barrel fitted to the Dragon Cal.30 receiver.

This new Cal.30 barrel from ABER like set #35 L-62 is in my view the best yet released with the correct dimensions, virtually no cleanup and simply assembly when fitting to any gun. The barrel can also be used as a co-axial MG for vehicles such as the M3/M5 Stuart, M4 Sherman, M8 Greyhound, Staghound and any other vehicle armed with the Cal.30 and that list is almost endless.

The two barrels per set is handly when using for a particular vehicle and make the set good value.

Highly recommended 9/10

See the full comparison of available metal .30cal machine gun barrels. Thanks to ABER for the review sets.
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