Adlers Nest
7.62mm MG34 (late) Tank Barrel
Adlers Nest 1:35 Set #ANM-35002
Review by Terry Ashley

Adlers Nest a new company from Japan continue to release some high quality brass update sets for the modeller and this latest set has two late armoured sleeve MG34 Machine gun barrels for use with any applicable German Vehicle such as the Panzer IV, Tiger I/II and Panther.
Brass Barrel
Adlers Nest

The barrel consists of a finely turned brass outer barrel with the muzzle flare depicted well and the muzzle also drilled out with finely engraved cooling slits and small screws depicted by small indentations.

For this example I fitted the barrel to the AFV Club late Tiger I hull MG positions and after cutting off the plastic barrel at the appropriate position simply drilled a small locating hole and attached the brass barrel for a very easy conversion.

The brass barrel fitted perfectly through the ball mounting holes as you would expect with the barrel being the correct size and no other alterations were needed making the job even easier.

Barrel fitted to the AFV Club hull MG and ball mounting
Adlers Nest
Adlers Nest
Adlers Nest

Another excellent barrel from Adlers Nest to add that bit extra detail to any later war German AFV and the minor work needed to fit the barrel makes it easy to fit.

Highly recommended.

Thanks again to me Credit Card for the review set.
Adlers Nest sets are available from Rainbow Ten in Japan.

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