0.30cal Browning 1919A4
Machine Gun Barrel

armorscale Set #B35-064

This latest barrel set from armorscale has one .30Cal M1919A4 Machine gun barrel which can be used on any .30cal MG from WWII to recent times and consists of two finely turned brass parts, the inner barrel and outer perforated cooling jacket with the barrel being drilled out slightly and also includes the two small notches on the muzzle tip so typical of the .30cal.

Barrel parts and assembled barrel

A bit of cleanup was needed on the jacket as there was a fair bit of residue left inside from drilling out the jacket cooling holes which required you to virtually drill out the jacket with an appropriate sized drill bit to remove the inner metal burs, not a big deal really. The two parts then fit snugly together but if you really wanted to get picky you could say the jacket is slightly too thick as can see more daylight either side of the barrel on the real thing, also the jacket is slightly wider in diameter and a little longer (1mm) than it should be but this is not really noticable unless you are comparing the different barrels directly together.

Fitting the barrel to any available .30Cal MG is very easy and I have used the gun from the Dragon M2A1 Half-Track kit (#6329) for this example and you simply cut off the kit barrel, drill a small hole and insert the end of the brass barrel, nothing could be easier.

Barrel fitted to the Dragon .30 Cal MG

Another nice barrel from armorscale but with a little cleanup needed to add that bit extra detail to your .30 Cal MGs from any period from WWII through to current times and the minor work needed to fit the barrel makes it easy to fit.

Recommended 7/10.

See the full comparison of available metal .30cal machine gun barrels.

Thanks to me Credit Card and Lucky Model for the review set.

Page Created March 7, 2007

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