Armour Track
Armour Track Models
British Challenger 2 650mm Track

for Trumpeter Challenger 2 (Kit No.00308)
1/35 #TK-13

Review by Terry Ashley

Hot on the heals of the Trumpeter Challenger 2 comes this individual track link set from Armour Track Models to add some life to the kit.
Armour Track
The links are cleanly moulded and have nice details, with each link held together by the centre clip and end connectors for simple construction. No glue is needed as the end connectors are held in place by friction which makes it even easier.
To help further with the assembly the end connectors are positioned on the sprue at the exact spacing needed to slip onto the link pins after fitting the centre clip, this enables you to cut sections of sprues and slip the end connectors onto the track links then cut from the sprue once attached.
Armour Track
Armour Track
The assembled tracks fits snuggly around the Trumpeter drive sprockets and look infinitely better than the kit tracks. Also included in the track set are two resin drive sprockets and idler wheels. I am left wondering why, as the resin drive sprockets are slightly larger with different tooth pitch than the Trumpeter sprockets which means the individual track links simple do not fit the resin sprockets. To make matters worse the resin sprockets are badly warped to really make sure the tracks don't fit. But all this is irrelevant for as mentioned the tracks fit the Trumpeter sprockets exactly so there is no need for the resin ones anyway.

Assembled tracks around the Trumpeter drive sprocket.
Armour TrackArmour Track

Track sprues x 21
Armour Track
Recommended to add a bit extra to the Trumpeter Challenger 2 kit.

Page Created 28 February 2003

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