Brach Model
20mm Flak 38 Barrel
with container for ejected cartridges

Brach Model Set No.BM-029
Review by Terry Ashley

This set consists of a fine 20mm aluminium barrel plus five resin pieces and a sheet of fine mesh to cover the basket.
Set parts
Brach Model

The barrel consists of the barrel proper plus the flash suppressor but the six muzzle brake holes are only represented as indentations with the flash suppressor only slightly hollowed out. Fitting the barrel is easy, just cut off the kit barrel, drill a small hole (.9mm) and fit the new aluminium barrel.

Attaching the barrel to the Tamiya FLAK38 gun
Brach Model
Fitted metal barrel
Brach Model

The spent shell container has the frames in resin and you are provided with a large resin ‘jig’ to build the frame around with the addition of some thin plastic rod you have to supply yourself and to which you add the fine mesh provided.

A small instruction sheet shows the assembly of the framework and the lengths of plastic rod needed but unfortunately doesn’t give any patterns to cut the mesh and this could be quite tricky to get right.

Overall the provision of the ejected cartridges container could be quite useful to add a different feel to your Flak38 but unfortunately the barrel is no where as nice as the recent Schatton 20mm Flak38 barrel



German 20mm FLAK in WWII

By Werner Müller
Schiffer Military History
ISBN: 0-88740-758-7

Soft cover
47 pages

Page Created 17 June 2004

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