Def.ModelWind Mark
RSO German Tractor Canvas Cover
Def.Model 1:35 Scale Set #DM35017
WindMark 1:35 Scale Set #WF314

Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
This resin canvas cover for the German RSO tractor is a joint production of Def.Model and Windmark with both sets being identical and availability will depend on your location in the World. With that in mind all comments here apply equally to the sets under each brand.

The set has just two resin parts, the main resin canvas cover with a separate rear canvas flap and is designed specifically for the DML RSO kits and will not fit the Italeri RSO cargo bay at all. The resin is of a soft type making it not brittle and is quite easy to work with during clean-up, this also helps when fitting to the kit as well see below.

Resin parts

The resin casting is very good with well-defined side flaps and other canvas contour details with just a large pour plug and some fine resin film to be removed from the large cover casting. This needs care as there is a fairly large recess along the edge of the canvas where the pour block is located a bit like the canvas is loose and you must ensure not the reduce the top edge frame line of the canvas while removing the pour block.

The fine resin film around the lower corners of the main cover and the pour plug on the rear flap is also easy to remove but the flaps themselves are rather thick and thinning the resin here will greatly improve the appearance as well as making it easier to fit over the corners of the DML RSO cargo tray.

The fine resin film to be removed from the corners, also note the resin is quite thick here and can do with thinning for a better appearance.
Also note the rear flap bent to fit over the taillight as mentioned below.


Fitting to the kit:
The fit of the resin cover over the kit cargo tray is fairly snug and unfortunately the fine kit latches will not fit inside the cover unless you alter to contours of the resin flaps. You should also note the kit tilt frames can’t be fitted when using the resin cover. The rear flap needs to be altered to clear the kit taillight, if using the rear cover flap just cut a small section from the rear cover flap to clear the taillight (see image), if you are leaving the rear open you will need to alter the contours of the rear flap to miss the taillight.

Also the contours of the separate rear flap will need to be altered to sit over the taillight; it is quite easy to bend the resin to shape to fit over the light without heating the resin due to the soft nature of the resin used in the set. The images show the bend added to the flap using just finger pressure to bend the resin.

The modifications to fit the cover over and around the kit taillight.
Images of the resin cover fitted to the DML RSO kit.
This is cleanly cast resin cover for the DML RSO kits with minimal clean-up and excellent contour and other details included on the cover. The fit to the kit cargo tray is good with just some thinning of the side cover flasp needed to improve the appearance.

A very quick and nicely detailed update for the DML RSO kits to add the full canvas tilt cover often seen in  images of the RSO in Russia, just note this cover will NOT fit the Italeri cargo tray which is way oversized.

Rating 9/10

Thanks to Def.Model and Hobbyeasy for the review sets.

Page created April 21, 2013

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