Technical Pick Up Truck Wheel Set Sagged for Meng Kits
Def.Model 1:35 Scale Set #DW35021
Review by Terry Ashley

Meng ModelsMeng Models
The Set:
Def.Model has released this set of resin replacement wheels for the two Meng Models 4 x4 Pick Up kits (#VS001, VS002) and consist of the four vehicle wheels and one spare wheel.

The quality of the resin casting is excellent with just some very fine flash in the rim spoke holes and the large casting plug on each wheel. These wheels like many others are NOT direct resin reproductions of the Meng Models kit wheels but have a completely different pattern allow spoke wheel rim with well defined spoke and hub details and excellent civilian style low profile tyre tread with slight bulging at the ground contact point. The wheels include the side wall embossing with “DUNLOP” spelt correctly and “Grandtrek ATZ “.

Resin parts

Fitting the wheels to the Meng Models Pick-Up kits is straightforward with the same rear rim locating lip that simply replaces the kit wheels, all very easy.

Front and rear Def.Model wheels with Meng Models kit wheels for comparison
Meng ModelsMeng Models
Spare Def.Model wheel with Meng Models kit wheel for comparison and rear rim locating pin
Def.ModelMeng ModelsDef.Model
This set of replacement resin wheels from Def.Model are superbly cast and offer a different style of allow spoke wheel and different tyre pattern tread from the kit wheels to provide a very different appearance to your Pick-Up. For those who don't like vinyl tyres in their kits, these are very straightforward resin replacement wheels set for the Meng Models Pick-Up kits and come highly recommended.

Rating 9/10

Thanks to my credit card for the review Set.

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