Typhoon K Russian MRAP Sagged Wheel Set
Def.Model 1:35 Scale Set # DW35100
Review by Terry Ashley


The Set:
This set of resin replacement wheels is designed for the Takom kit #2082 Russian MRAP Typhoon K and consists of six wheels cast in a light grey resin as well as a set of masks for painting wheels, no instructions are included as you don't really need any with the wheels being a straight replacement for the kit vinyl wheel/plastic hubs.

The standard of resin casting is excellent with very well-defined tread pattern and excellent crisp details on the wheel hubs, this detail isn't just a reproduction of the kit wheels but is far more detailed and there are also additional details included, there are still a few minor things to be added such as the outer valve stem but overall they are a marked improvement over the plastic kit hubs.


The sidewall embossed detail is also very nicely represented along with clean crisp tread block pattern around the wheels that also include the lower ground contact bulged effect. The only blemish on some of my wheels was one or two small air holes next to the casting plug, but these are hidden once the model is sitting on its wheels so not worth bothering about.

The set includes two wheels each marked as A, B and C one set for each side of the vehicle with each wheel having the hub orientated differently in relation to the ground contact bulging effect so you don't end up with all three wheels on one side looking the same, I nice inclusion. You can also alter the position you fit the wheels on the opposite side to further mix up the hub orientation if you wish, you should also note the treat block pattern is the same orientation on each side of the vehicle and is not mirrored like on US or other modern vehicles, this is correctly depicted on the Def resin tread patterns.

The actual wheels (left), the Def.Model wheels (middle) and Takom kit wheels (right)
Showing the enhanced detail on the Def wheel hubs and sidewalls. Def.Model
Close-up of the hub details
Reference image:
Fitting to the kit:
Clean-up of the wheels is very straightforward using a stout pair of clippers to trim the casting plug and your trusty #11 blade to trim the reside, I did mark the letters A,B,C on the rear hubs before trimming the casting plug to make fitting easier.

The rear of the resin wheels has the same locating hole as the kit wheels with the kit axle stub/plate (kit parts A17, A29) fitting to the resin wheels without any further modifications needed, making for a quick and easy substitution for the kit wheels


One issue I had with the Takom kit wheels was some of the vinyl tyres were slightly distorted around the centres and this resulted in some unseemly gaps around the hubs and these replacement wheels also overcome that issue as well as improving the detail levels.

The Takom kit wheels
Image showing the tread pattern is the same either side and not mirrored as mentioned above.
(Reference image:
Image showing the first and second wheels steer with just the rear wheels fixed, for those building the Takom kit.
Thanks to Azrael Raven for finding this one.

This is cleanly cast set of replacement wheels for your Typhoon K with minimal clean-up and a marked improvement in detail over the kit wheels to enhance the overall appearance of the kit, fitting is easy as they are a straight replacement for the kit wheels along with the paint marks to aid in the finishing of the wheels.

Highly recommend update to improve the detail levels as well as for those who simply aren't fans of vinyl type wheels in kits.

Rating 9.5/10

Thanks to Def.Model for the review kit.
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