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BTR-60P APC Weighted Road Wheels
ET Model 1:35 Scale Set #ER35-025
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
ET Model has released this set of resin replacement wheels for the Trumpeter Russian BTR-60P APC (Kit #01542) which consist of the eight wheels in light cream resin. You should note these wheels are different from those used on the BTR-60PB Trumpeter kit #01544 so be careful to use on the appropriate kit.

The quality of the resin casting is excellent with just the large casting plug on each wheel and have different wheels for the left and right side of the vehicle to ensure the tread faces the right direction on both sides, a common mistake with both resin and kit wheels. The wheels have well defined tread detail and feature a bulging effect at ground contact, the casting plug is also located at ground contact so the tread is not compromised after the plug is removed.

Resin parts
ET Model

The sidewalls have additional tyre data embossing over the plain kit wheels as well as the wheel hubs having well done details including the tyre inflation piping for good effect, the rear of each wheel hub has the same locating lug as the kit wheels so they are a straight replacement for the kit wheels without any alterations required. The bulge effect is slightly larger on the inside of each wheel but wouldn't be that noticeable once the wheels are attached to the model, also the rear of the wheel rims don't have any additional details and are plain the same as the kit rims.

There is a different treat pattern for each side of the vehicle as the tread is 'handed' for want of a better word, so watch when fitting the wheels to have the tread pattern as shown in the images below for each side, the difference in the pattern is quite subtle but once you know it's there becomes more obvious.

Images of the left and right handed wheels allowing the correct tread direction either side.
ET ModelET ModelET Model
Details of the wheels front and rear views.
ET Model

The only issue if you can call it that is all four wheels on each side are exactly the same, this means the sidewall embossing and wheel hub details are in the same place on each wheel giving a very uniform appearance to the detail

Images showing the wheels details aligned on the wheels on each side of the kit.
ET Model
ET Model
This is a nice set of replacement resin wheels from ET Model for the Trumpeter BTR-60P APC (Kit #01542) with good clean details. The pluses are the different orientated wheels for each side for the correct tread direction while the minuses are that the details on all four wheels on each side are aligned giving a very uniform appearance to the wheels when fitted to the kit.

If you prefer resin wheels over the kit vinyl wheels this set offers an increase in detail with the sidewall embossing as well as the bulged effect with straight fitting to the kit without any alterations.

Rating 8/10

Thanks to my credit card and Lucky Model for the review Set.

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