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U.S. M1000 HETS Weighted Road Wheels
ET Model 1:35 Scale Set #ER35-042
Review by Terry Ashley

Hobby Boss
The Set:
Released in conjuction with the resin wheels the M1070 Truck Tractor (set #ER35-041) comes this set of resin replacement wheels for the M1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter Semi-trailer included with the Hobby Boss M1070 Truck Tractor & (Kit #85502). This set has 42 resin tyres designed to be used in conjuction with the plastic kit rims.

The quality of the resin casting is excellent with just the small casting plug is easily removed. The resin wheels are not simply copies of the kit wheels but have additional sidewall contours and embossing over the detail on the kit vinyl wheels for added details, the wheels also have well defined tread detail and feature a bulging effect at ground contact, the casting plug is also located at ground contact so the tread is not compromised after the plug is removed.

Aother notable feature with the wheels is there is actually five different castings marked 1-5 on the casting plug with eight of each casting for the forty trailer wheels and another two for the spares. Each of the five castings has the side wall embossing in a different position in relation to the casting plug ground contact point to eliminate the "sameness" we see this some wheels where the casting and embossing is in the same position on each wheel, a very nice feature.

Resin parts
ET Model
Wheel details showing the sidewall embossing and tread pattern.
ET Model
There are four different castings (numbered 1-4 on the casting block)
that has the sidewall embossing in different positions in relation to the casting plug ground contact point
to alleviate the uniform look when all wheels are the same.

ET Model

Assembly is fairly straightforward after removing the casting plug but there are a few things to watch. The sidewall embossing is only on one side of the resin tyre so you should ensure this is facing outwards when assembling each of the duel wheel assemblies, it's not essential but you won't be able to see the embossing if the wheels are facing inwards obviously.

The fit of the resin tyres to the plastic kit rims is quite good but there may be the odd small gap around the rim/tyre join due to resin shrinkage or similar but I found with the test fit using white glue or even thicker cyanoacrylate will fill any gaps nicely for a good snug fit. The other thing to watch is the two kit rims have small locating pins and corresponding holes for joining the two hubs together, with the resin wheels having the flat ground contact point due to the bulging this will require both wheels having the ground contact point aligned and the pins will prevent this. You simply need to cut off the small locating pins from the kit hubs and fit together using your Mk.1 eyeball to line up the central rim holes, all very easy.

As the kit rims and central mounting hub are used the final fitting of the duel wheels to the trailer axles is the same as for the normal kit assembly.

Wheel assembly with the kits added to resin wheel, the fit is very good,
just ensure you align the cover with the two holes over the respective rim bolts.

ET Model
Hobby Boss kit wheels for comparison.
ET Model
This is an another excellent set of replacement resin wheels from ET Model for the Hobby Boss kit with good clean casting and excellent details. The main feature of the wheels having the five different castings to allow the variation on sidewall detail alignment is an excellent feature and along with the excellent casting and detail makes these a standout set of replacement wheels for the Hobby Boss kit.

If you prefer resin wheels over the kit vinyl wheels this set offers an increase in detail with the sidewall embossing as well as the bulged effect with straight fitting to the kit without any alterations.

Rating 9/10

Also see the review of set #ER35-041 U.S. M1070 Truck Tractor Weighted Road Wheels.

Thanks to E.T. Model for the review set.

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