Hobby Fan
FAV Delta Forces With/2 Figs
Hobby Fan 1/35th Kit HF009
Review by Terry Ashley

Hobby Fan

Consisting of approx. 75 resin pieces and another 8 for the two figures this is a very well detailed kit given the overall small size of the finished vehicle. It's basically a Military dune buggy. The quality of the castings is first class with the usual large casting plug to be removed, vary carefully on some of the smaller parts.

There are two large castings, one for the front half of the vehicle and the other a very impressive casting of the rollcage. This single casting has a few "seam" marks to be removed, but given the complexity of this casting this is a small price and doesn't detract from the finished cage.There is a detailed engine for the rear with many small parts. The front fenders are thinly cast and really do look like metal parts, the front end is finished of with a detailed suspension.The large wheels are again impressively cast with nice tread patterns and "Good Year" embossing as well as detailed "mag" rims.The figures have nice uniform detail and feature moulded on set belts resulting in a fairly simple but effective crew.

Another unusual but effective kit from Hobby Fan for those wanting something different for their Desert Storm dioramas. Experience with resin kits would be an advantage with this kit as some of the construction is a bit tricky.

Hobby FanHobby FanHobby Fan
Hobby Fan Hobby Fan
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