Hobby Fan
M9 ACER Armoured
Combat Earthmover

Hobby Fan 1/35th Kit HF016
Review by Terry Ashley

Hobby Fan

This is full kit and very impressive it is too.
The lower hull casting is excellent with separate suspension arms a nice feature. Added to this are the large block assemblies to make up the superstructure. These large pieces are hollow on the insides which helps to reduce the weight and resin mass.

Some of the larger pieces are hollow in the centre and did not display any of the warping I have seen in large parts of other resin sets.

The tracks has pre formed sections to go around the drive and idler wheels which again is a nice touch to see. The road wheels, drive and idler wheels are cast with the inner and outer wheel as a single unit, the casting is well done with nice separations between the wheels.

There are many smaller pieces to be fitted and the instructions give good indications as to their locations.

This should build into an impressive kit.

Hobby FanHobby FanHobby Fan
Hobby FanHobby FanHobby Fan
Hobby FanHobby FanHobby Fan
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