Hobby Fan
M48 AVLB Vehicle
Launched Bridge

Hobby Fan 1/35th Kit HF018
Review by Terry Ashley

Hobby Fan

Another complete resin kit apart from the road wheels and track which come from the AFV Club M48 kit.

The upper and lower hull castings are very impressive, my examples showed no signs of warping which can be a problem with large resin pieces. The detail on both is excellent, there were a few "seam" lines or casting overlaps on the lower hull part, but nothing dramatic.

The bridge is a kit in itself, with many parts making up the final assemble. I have only shown one of each piece in the pictures as there are multiples of each piece in the kit.

This kit is only for the experienced modeller and will require care and patience to put together, but the end result will look most impressive.

Hobby FanHobby FanHobby Fan
Hobby FanHobby FanHobby Fan
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