Hobby Fan
M60/M48 AVDS-1790 Engine & Sling
Hobby Fan Kit No. HF 019
1/35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

This simple engine set is cast in a light cream resin consists of 9 pieces, the largest are for the 2 engine block castings and the transmission.

Detail is extensive and with plumbing cast into both ends of the engine there is some resin ‘flash’ to be cleaned out from between the wiring, but nothing too difficult.

One thing I noticed was the three larger castings did not have any casting blocks attached only some minor cleaning up of the attachment points where the block used to be. I presume HF removed these as they would have taken up too much space in the box, very considerate.

The engine is in two pieces, the upper ‘hollow’ section and a smaller section that fits inside the upper piece to give good definition all around the engine pack. This lower section also has excellent details with cast on plumbing that may need some minor clearing up.

Also included is the “T” bars used when lifting the engine in or out of the engine bay.

No instructions are supplied but assembly of the engine is very straightforward and the box top picture will help, adding it to a model is another question with some decent references being a must and you will need to add the engine bay walls etc yourself.

A very nice update set which could be used as a diorama accessory on its own or could be used on any of the myriad of M48/M60 kits which are currently available.


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Hobby Fan
Additional images of the lower engine section and the transmission
Hobby Fan Hobby Fan

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