Resin Update and Figure Sets
Hobby Fan 1/35th
Kit reviews
by Terry Ashley

Hobby Fan, have released three update sets designed for the AFV Club LVTP5A1.

Set No. HF515 U.S Marine Corps Figures:
This set comprises 5 full figures in various sitting poses designed to adorn the top of the LVTP5.
The figures come packed in five separate plastic bags with the torso, arms and head along with the weapons and equipment for that figure. This makes sorting out what goes with what very easy. The figures themselves are simple superb. The level of casting detail is the best I have seen on any 1/35th figure for quite a while. Four figures come with M16's with the much seen ammo pouch bandoliers worn across the body. They also wear the M1952 Body Armor vest. The fifth has an M60 with two crossed ammo belts draped across both shoulders as well as the BA vest. Additional equipment includes a radio, water canteens and small pouches.
These figures would look equally at home sitting atop an M113 as much as the LVTP5.
Do yourself a favour and pick up two, three or more of this figure set if your interest lies in the Vietnam War.

Hobby Fan

Set No. HF516 U.S. Marine LVTP5 Crew and sandbags:
This set includes two full crew figures for the LVTP5. The level of detail is as good as those in set No.515. Both wear the Body Armor vest with the standard AFV crew helmets in Vietnam. Again these would be just at home adorning an M113.
The resin sandbags are designed to fit around the top of the LVTP5 hull. The bags around the turret are in one piece with the bits of the turret visable included in the casting. The kit .30cal barrel is attached to this. The other three sections for the back and both sides have indentations underneath to conform to the detail on the LVTP5. The detail of the sandbags is quite nice with a few bullet holes to give a bit of feeling to the scene.
Both sets are highly recommended to dress up your LVTP5 or M113.
It should be noted that if the sandbags are used the five hull top figures (Set 515) will not sit as snugly as without the sandbags.
Hobby Fan

Set No. HF010 LVTP5A1 Interior:
The constant rumours about a resin interior set were fuelled when the kit was released with some rudimentary interior detail and locating points along the side sponsons. Well the rumours were true.
This set from Hobby Fan consists of 88 cleanly cast resin pieces to really fill out the interior.
Full-length floor panels with nice non-slip pattern and rear cabin bulkhead are fitted with side supports. The centre and side seats are all there with supports. The front ramp has internal frames for the hull opening along with other detail. Both driver's and commander's positions have comprehensive details including seat, gearshift levers, instrument panel and other small bits. The hull top has periscopes for the inside of the two front hatches plus some tool cases. The large equipment containers and other detail are added along the hull walls. In all a very detailed interior set.
The resin pieces are well cast with no air bubbles or deformities on my samples. There was a far bit of greasy release agent, which will require the parts to be given a good bath in warm detergent water. The resin casting blocks are quite large on some of the pieces and care would be needed to remove them. A good feature is a number of photos of the real interior on the instruction sheet to help position the many parts.
This set is not cheap, but if you are a real fan of the LVTP5 and really want to fill that huge interior then this is the set for you.
A full build review will follow shortly, if time permits. Highly recommended

Hobby Fan

Hobby FanHobby FanHobby Fan
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Set No. HF011 LVTP5A1 Recovery Vehicle:

Hobby Fan

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