Browning M1919A4 .30cal
Machine Gun Barrels

Karaya 1:35 Set No. B003
Review by Terry Ashley

This is the first 1:35th barrel set from Karaya following their earlier 1:48 sets of the Browning M2 .50cal machine gun barrels. This set is for the Browning M1919A4 .30cal and has two perforated metal cooling jackets and two metal tube barrels, the barrels fit snugly inside the jackets for a very realistic barrel assembly. The jackets have evenly spaced holes of the right pattern and look most realistic.

The lengths of barrel and jacket supplied are longer than required and you have to cut them to the correct length, a Dremel cutting tool or the like would be of assistance as the metal used (especially for the barrel) is quite hard. This also helps in making them harder to be damaged by accidental bending.

When fitting the barrels to the guns, cut the inside barrel tube to leave a short length extended past the jacket, then drill a hole in the end of the gun body and insert this extra barrel length into the hole for a tight and secure fitting.

Below are images of the Karaya barrel fitted to the new Verlinden .30cal Machine Gun as well as one with the original Verlinden resin barrel to show the difference.

This barrel set will add to the appearance of your .30 cal MGs either resin or plastic kit guns.

Note: The label on the set says "M2 7.62mm - .30cal", this is a printing error and should be "M1919A4 .30cal". I Believe this will be corrected on future set labels.

Not recommended

See the full comparison of available metal .30cal machine gun barrels.

Thanks to Michael from AirConnection for the prompt processing of my order for the barrel set.
Or check out the Karaya website for the full range of products.

Page created 11 January 2003

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