Legend Production
IDF KMT Adapter Set
Legend Productions Kit No. LF1161
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club Legend Production

In order to fit a variety of devices such as mine clearing and engineering equipment to their AFV's the IDF have developed this simple KMT adaptor kit that fits to the front of Centurion AFV's and has been used on Sho't Kal MBTs as well as the current Nagmachon vehicles.

The set can be used directly on the AFV Club IDF Sho't Kal 1973 Centurion Mk.5/1 (kit #AF35124) or the new Legends IDF Nagmachon Doghouse Conversion Set #LF1162 as well as other applicable kits.

The Set:

The set has just 17 parts cast in light cream resin and a small simple instruction sheet with just the usual casting blocks and some fine resin film to be removed before assembly.

Resin parts
Legend Production

Quality of the resin casting is first class without any warping or other blemishes with only the large casting block on the glacis mountin plate likely to take a bit off effort to remove.

The details included on the parts is very clean without any blemishes and includes a number plate in the middle of the glacis mounting plate and this can easily be replaced if you are building two vehicles with the conversion.


After part cleanup the assembly is very straightforward following the simple instructions without any problems and the large glacis mounting plate is fitted directly to the kit hull, depending on the model there may be some small details to be cut from the kit glacis but nothing excessive.


This is a very simply yet nicely detailed update for the Sho't Kal or Nagmachon that is easily fitted to the target kit to give a distinctive different look to the model.

Highly recommended 8/10

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Thanks to Legends Productions for the review set.

Page created April 15, 2008