Modeling Artisan
Radiator interior set
for Panther D & A

Set No. MGP09

for Dragon Panther A & D kits
(Kit No.6160, 6164)

This simple resin update set from Modeling Artisan is designed for the new Dragon Panther D & A kits, and consists of just two parts cast in a light beige resin. The quality of the casting is first class with absolutely no clean-up required or blemishes to be seen on the parts.

The resin parts feature very crisp details of the intake louvers and radiator fans for each side of the Panther engine bay and are designed to fit inside the kit hull without modification. Test fitting showed that the parts just slip into place with the notches on the resin parts fitting between the raised louvers mouldings on the inside of the Dragon hulls for a very snug fit.
You can of course show the model with the engine covers off to fully display the excellent details on the resin parts.

Just the thing to add more detail to already excellent kits.

Modeling Artisan sets are available from Rainbow Ten in Japan or Mission Models in the US.
See the Modeling Artisan website for details of other details sets.

Page Created 16 May 2003

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