KV&JS Tank track
ModelKasten 1:35 Scale Set # SK-14
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
This set of tracks from ModelKasten represent the narrower 650mm wide split link tracks applicable to the KV-1S and SU-152 and not just for the vehicles listed on the box top. The set consists of 180 injected plastic track links, 90 with the guide horns and 90 split links without the guide horns plus separate small track pins with the flat head for the inside of the links and the large retaining bolt for the outside of the links. Also included are two assembly jigs and additional parts to aid in fitting the tracks to various kits such replacement idler axles to allow the track tension to be adjusted to get the right track sag and other assorted parts, there is also an A4 sized instruction sheet to explain some of the additional parts you get.

Track set parts

The actual light weight split link track used on the KV-1S and SU-152 is about 650mm wide which is 18.5mm in 1:35 scale and the set tracks measure out at exactly 18.5mm (give or take a fraction). The links come two to a sprue and the only clean-up needed is the three sprue attachments on each link, there is also two shallow pin marks on the inside surface of each link which is mostly hidden by the running gear if you don't wish to remove these, being shallow they are fairly easy to remove but a little time consuming.

Each link has the pin holes for the corresponding pins with the link details cleanly done along with nice deep holes on the opposite side of the guide horn as per the actual track, the 'split' links are moulded in one piece with the split join depicted as an engraved line.

Individual link and attachment pins, the only blemish is very shallow pin marks on the inside link surfaces.

Assembly is very straightforward using the jigs provided, you just lay the links onto the jig and insert the pins while still attached to their sprue 'handles. You then put a small dab of liquid cement to hold the pin place, don't use too much glue or capillary action will see it glue the links together and once the glue has dried simple trim off the sprue with a sharp blade.

When fitting the pins ensure these are positioned correctly depending on the left and right side track runs, the large pin bolt is always to the outside of the track runs, you need also to be careful to alternate the links between those with and without the guide horns.

The assembled track runs are quite robust due to the sizable pin and articulate very freely as with metal track links making it easy to get the right amount of track sag on the kit running gear.

Track assembly.
Assembled track sections.

The assembled track runs fit perfectly to the Trumpeter KV-1S and SU-152 drive sprockets as well as to theTamiya JS-2 kits used for testing but the fit to the DML JSU-152 kit sprockets is not as snug as with the other kits.


This is an excellent set of replacement tracks from ModelKasten for any of the available JS kits and also to the Trumpeter KV/SU kits. There is minimal clean-up needed and the assembly is quite straightforward with the jigs and pins provided and fit nicely to the target kits.

The resulting track runs are very robust due to the large pins with excellent detail and articulate freely to improve the detail over the kit tracks on whatever model they are used on.

Rating 9/10

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KV Techical History and Variants
by Neil Stokes
Published by AirConnection, Canada
ISBN 978–0–9781091–2–7
Tank Power Vol.XCI
Wydawnictwo Militaria No.332
ISBN: 9788372193322
Thanks to my credit card and Barrel Store for the review Set.

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