Browning 0.3cal M1919A MG Barrel
1:35 #MP 35107
Review by Terry Ashley

This replacement 0.3cal Browning MG barrel from Modelpoint comes in three metal parts, a brass muzzle cap, a steel barrel and perforated copper barrel cooling jacket.

The quality of the machining is very good with cleanly depicted cooling holes in the jacket and the muzzle hollowed out.

metal barrel parts

The metal barrel is designed to fit into the muzzle cap which in turn is fitted into the front of the cooling jacket but the barrel in my set did not fit into the hole in the back of the cap and I had the file down the barrel end a little to get it to fit.


The muzzle cap is slightly narrower in diameter to the jacket which is correct as there are different types of muzzle caps fitted to the .30cal with this being one type.

At the back there is nothing to hold the barrel in place as it comes out of the sleeve and this moves about and you will have to take care when fitting to get the jacket to sit evenly around the barrel.

Fitting the assembled barrel to the target machine gun receiver is very easy with a small hole drilled in the receiver and the barrel slipped in taking care to get an even fit with the barrel as mentioned above.

I fitted the barrel to the excellent Academy .30cal MG from their U.S. Machine Gun Set #1384 without any problems which resulting in a nice improvement in the look of the gun.

Barrel fitted to the Academy .30cal MG
Detail views of the barrel

A nicely machined barrel with very good details but fitting the barrel together and to the target gun will need a little care to get right but offers a marked improvement over plastic kit barrels.

Highly r ecommended 7.5/10.

See the full comparison of available metal .30cal machine gun barrels.

Thanks to my Credit card and Model Point US for the review set.

Page Created August 15, 2006

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