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Passion Models 1:35th Scale Set P35D-003

Review by Terry Ashley

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In early 1941 shortly after the arrival of the Afrika Korps in North Africa, Rommel launched a limited offensive capturing three Dorchester ACV’s in the process and quickly pressed these into service for himself and two of his senior commander’s.

The three ACV’s captured were:

All three were the initial No.1 body type and the Germans retained the British ‘Caunter’ paint scheme on No.1 “Max” and No.2 “Moritz” just adding large black with thin white outline German Balkenkruze to front, rear and both sides plus assigning WH numbers and tactical signs. “Max” also had the nose over painted with a random mottle cam, this being the only alteration to the paintwork on the vehicles. The few available photos on No.3 show it was over-painted with a thick wavy darker colour pattern and the Balkenkruze had a much thicker white outline than on “Max” or “Moritz” almost to the point of being completely white apart from the very thin black cross.

Available information suggests the vehicles remained unaltered apart from the engines being modified to use the heavier German tank diesel oil and while little information is available on any interior changes it can be assumed they were fitted out with German radios, the exact type is unknown. It can also be assumed they probably kept the British radios for a bit of ‘eavesdropping’ but again that’s just speculation. One notable addition was the large fold-up wooden table used by Rommel which was carried in the roof racks on “Max” when not in use.

The Decal Sheet:
This new decal sheet from Passion Models is designed for the recent AFV Club Dorcherster ACV (kit #AF35227) and is nicely printed giving you markings for two vehicles, “Max” or “Moritz”. There are only the four Balkenkruze and tactical signs so only one vehicle can be built using the sheet which is all most will want in any case.

Passion Models

The small colour sheet gives three view illustrations of “Max” and “Moritz” with front back and left side views, the right side isn’t shown. The illustrations show the same ‘Caunter’ pattern for both vehicles, this scheme is correct for No.1 “Max” but No.2 “Moritz” had a different pattern scheme as shown correctly in the AFV Club instructions and it would be better to use the AFV Club kit instructions scheme patterns as they also show the ride side pattern.

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Passion Models

This is a nicely printed yet simple decal sheet that provides the German markings required to build either “Max” or “Moritz” as they appeared while in German service, the conversion being even easier due to the fact the Germans didn’t alter the vehicles structurally while using them.

Rating 9/10


Various on-line reference photos and vehicle data

Thanks to M.S Models ltd for the review set.

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