Brass Rivets and Bolt heads

Review by Terry Ashley

Always on the lookout for useful items to use in model detailing or scratch building comes these packs of small precision made brass and stainless steel bolt heads and rivets from a Florida based company scale hardware.

Currently available are Dome Rivets in various sizes from 0.4mm to 1.2mm that come in packs of 100 plus various sets of Simulated Hex Bolts & Nuts and Simulated Square Bolts & Nuts in various sizes from 0.5mm to 1.2mm in packs of 25 each plus sets of Threaded Bolts & Nuts in sizes from 0.5mm to 1.4mm also in packs of 25 each.

The rivets and bolts are machined with the head attached to a small shaft similar to the real things and are packed loose in small zip lock plastic bags requiring no cleanup or preparation before use.

Most sets are in fine brass but some are also available if stainless steel if you wanted to use them in areas that will not be painted.

Images showing examples of the Hex Bolts, Threaded Bolts and Rivets
scale hardwarescale hardwarescale hardware

We will have closer look here at the set of 0.7mm Hex Nuts with studs that are perfect for those on the inside driver’s compartment wall of the new Dragon M2 Half-Track (kit #6329) to show how they are best fitted to the model with this method being the same for all the rivet and bolt sets.

Firstly remove any moulded on detail you may be replacing if need be and mark the location of each bolt/rivet with a soft pencil, next drill a small hole corresponding to the shaft size of the bolt/rivet. The sets don’t give the drill size required but test drill on some scrap card to determine the right size and then drill the holes in the model part ensuring they are space and lined up correctly.

Next you just insert the bolt/rivet shaft into the hole with fine tweezers and secure in place with a dab of thin cyanoacrylate, all very easy for superb looking bolts/rivets.

0.7mm Hex Nut w/Stud
scale hardware
Adding the bolts to the Dragon Half-track driver's compartment wall
simply drill small holes and insert the bolt shaft securing with thin cyanoacrylate

scale hardwarescale hardware

If the shaft is too long for where you want to add them simply snip off with a good pair of wire snipers leaving a short section of shaft to fit into the hole.

The threaded bolts can be used in the same manner but are perfect for a diorama situation where a panel has been removed showing the separate bolts.

These sets are superb for adding those finer details and relatively easy to fit with the trickiest part being drilling the holes but from there is all plain sailing.
Being metal there is no chance of damage during assembly but as they are very small you will need to use care when fitting but should be very useful in adding those finer details.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Rob from scale hardware for the review sets, see the scale hardware site for full details of sets available and for ordering.

Page created December 8, 2006

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