SKP Model
Zetor 25A Tractor
SKP Model 1:35 Scale Kit No. SKP 150
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backnextViews showing the front of the engine with brass fan and pulleys that need belts added. The addition of the
radiator hides some detail but most can be seen from the side when assembled.

Rear gearbox/transmission with resin gear levers and etched brass foot pedals.
Rear chassis frame and tow shackle mounting, careful bending of the brass parts is required
but overall the assembly of the brass parts is quite straightforward but care is needed to ensure everything is square.
Yes the tow shackle is fitted the wrong way around, this will be rectified in the subsequent images.

Front suspension spring and steering arm, this is fixed in the neutral position.
Views of the assembled engine and rear chassis frame, note the steering arms and pedal linkage have to be provided yourself.
Also note the tank on the left side is vary rare in period photos and is best left off unless specific references indicate otherwise.


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