WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mk.IV 'Male'
Takom 1:35 Scale Kit #2008
WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mk.IV 'Female'
Takom 1:35 Scale Kit #2009

Friulmodel ATL-147 Mk.IV Tracks:

These metal track links are designed for the Emhar series of vehicles and if you choose to use them here require some minor modifications to fit the new Takom kit although these should be well within the capabilities of most modellers who have used metal tracks previously.

Firstly the Friul drive sprockets have to be modified to fit the Takom kit, this entails filing down the central raised collar on each sprocket disc to half its original height, quite straightforward with a modelling file. Then the central hole is enlarged to 2mm and an axle stub made from 2mm plastic rod inserted extending out about 2mm, the modified drive sprockets can then be fitted the same as the kit sprockets.

Along the undersides of each rhomboid hull section there is a lip on the inside on the lower section and you should trim off this lip to allow the metal links to fit between the hull sides better, you can’t see the undersides of the hull panels after assembly so this shouldn’t be a problem?

The metal track links themselves have to be modified with the inside brackets having the top flange trimmed level with the indentation on the bracket flange, this is to allow the tracks to fit between the hull top recess and the lower hull sides, this modification to each link can quickly be done with a #11 blade. With the brackets trimmed the track links can then be assembled as per instructions with 87 links used for one track run, note also this is with the front idler axle set to the rear most adjustment recess on the idler mountings for a nice sit around the front hull horns.

If you wanted to set the idler forward an additional link would be required as the track will be spaced out further from the hull around the front horns, this is up to the individual depending on the final appearance of the track around the front horns.

Modifications to Friulmodel drive sprockets to fit the Takom kit.
Friul drive sprockets fitted to kit directly in place of the kit sprockets.
Trimming the Friul inner bracket flanges for the track to fit the Takom hull.
The inside lip trimmed from the lower hull sections.
Friulmodel tracks fitted to the Takom kit for a very good appearance.
A full review of the Friulmodel Mk.IV Tracks set ATL-147 is available here.
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