WW2 Productions
Centurion Tracks
for AFV Club kits
1:35 Set No. 35036
Review by Terry Ashley

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This latest resin individual links track set from WWII Productions is designed for the AFV Club Centurion kits and consists of 240 links cast in light gray resin with 108 links per side with enough left over for the spare track often carried on the vehicle.

Resin track links
WW2 Productions

The standard of resin casting is very high with virtually no cleanup other than some thin resin film in the tooth holes which is easily removed with a #11 blade and the amount of the film differs between links, some with very little and other a little more making cleanup very easy.

Each link has very crisp track face details with good definition on the end connectors and the characteristic curved undercut each side which covers the actual pin join with nice surface texture and very small casting numbers included on the links.

The links have four elongated indentations along the track shoe but photos also show there are six indentations with two round ones between the outer two elongated indentations on some links, most notably those used on Aussie Cents. This shows there are at least two variations on the track design and maybe more with these links representing one of those designs.

Each link has the usual two pins, one small and one slightly larger that clip into corresponding holes in the next link to form the track runs and these clip together easily to make assembly very quick and easy but you have to watch how you clip the links together to not damage the smaller pin.

Details of the links showing the minimal cleanup needed
WW2 Productions

After slipping the larger pin into the next link lay the smaller pin over the link and using your thumbnail or a pair of stout pair of tweezers squeeze the link pin out and around the other link to clip in place, don't press directly down or you will just snap off the small pin. I found the outward pressure to result in quick and easy assembly using my thumbnail without any breakages (to the links that is, not my thumb).

Method of clipping the links together which is quick and easy
WW2 Productions

The assembled track runs articulate very freely and are quite robust without any tendency to come apart with normal handling but there is very little if any track sag on properly tensioned Centurion track so you will have the ensure the track runs are tensioned correctly when fitting to reduce the amount of sag.

The tracks fitted very snugly around the AFV Club kit drive sprockets as you would expect and I also tested fitting them to the older Tamiya Centurion Mk.III (re-issued kit #89555) drive sprocets and found the tooth pitch matched the resin links perfectly but the Tamiya sprocket teeth are far too thick. After reducing the tooth thickness by half the WW2 Prod track then fitted the Tamiya drive sprocket nicely, so if you have this old kit this track set is a huge improvement over the vinyl track included in that kit.

This is a very well cast and detailed set of Centurion tracks that assembly very easily and fit the AFV Club sprockets snugly very little cleanup required.

The contours and detail around the pin connectors is very nicely done as are the other track face details for a nice set of replacement tracks for your Centurion.

Highly Recommended 8/10.

Assembled tracks around AFV Club kit drive sprocket.
WW2 Productions
Images of actual track links showing the variation in indentations on the real track links
with the right hand design represented in the resin links

WW2 Productions
Images Ron Puttee, Terry Ashley and Scott Taylor

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