Sd.kfz.161/3 Möbelwagen 3.7cm Flak auf Fgst Pz.Kpfw.IV(Sf)
Tamiya Kit No. 35237
1:35th Scale

Model by Terry Ashley


While I don't get a lot of time to build models these days with the sheer number of releases to be reviewed I have a few projects on the go and this is one. The model is the Tamiya Möbelwagen 3.7cm Flak (kit #35237) which has been detailed using etched sets from ABER and Eduard as well as parts from thin wire and plastic card for some old fashion detailing.

The thumbnails below show some of the details added with more to come when time permits and the kit will also wear a set of Modelkasten tracks. When I first started the model there were no metal barrels available (yes it was a while ago) and so I drilled out the kit gun flash suppressor and opened up the many small holes in the suppressor cone and the neck. Using any of the available 3.7 Flak 43 barrels now available would make the job easier.

The main alterations made to the kit was to make the hinges on the superstructure armoured flaps workable as were the small latches to hold the flaps open or closed. This entailed carefully cutting the latches from the kit parts and drilling fine holes through them to re-attach with a pin allowing them to rotate.

The hinges were replaced with short sections of brass tube with a piece of fine wire for the hinge pin, this required some careful cutting and even more careful use of super glue when attaching the hinges to the flaps and larger side panels.

The images below show the opening sequences, image A shows the flaps in the stowed position with metal tube hinges (1) and top latch (2) holding the flap in place. Image B shows the top latch swung open (3) to allow the flap to swing open. Image C shows the hole in the flap slip over the outer latch (4) and the final image D with the latch rotated to secure the flap open (5).

Workable hinges and latches as per text
Inner securing hooks from wire

The securing hooks on each corner of the drop sides were replaced with thin wire and can be secured depending if the sides are raised of lower.

I used this as an exercise if fine detailing work more that anything which can be rather therapeutic at times, in a sick kind of way and there is more work to be done before the kit is finished when time permits.

I have added these images to show the glue bottle does get opening occasionally.

The Kit so far:

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Wirbel- Ostwind, Kugelblitz - Sd.Kfz. 161/4
Nuts & Bolts Volume 25
by Heiner F. Duske, Detlev Terlisten

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