bookAFV Modeller
Issue 15

Published bimonthly by AFV Modeller Ltd.
64 pages soft cover A4 format.

Issue 15 contents are as follows:

Inside Job by Lee Lloyd (pages 2-11)
This article details the building of the Academy Mid Production Tiger I which comes with a detailed interior. That is a bit of an understatement when you see the extent of additional detailing added to the model. The model is the hull only and is left unpainted which only adds to the visual impression when you see all the different materials used in the detailing process.
This extends from the lower torsion bar suspension which is hard to see after completion to the addition of the Tank Workshop Engine, Royal Models gearbox and Aber etched parts plus many scratchbuilt parts and many different thickness of wire.

You can't help but be impressed with this model and the work involved in its construction with the many clear colour photographs that show the model and components during construction as well as in position on the finished model with descriptive text to help put it all in context.

Mistreated by Ulf Andersson (pages 12-25)
This diorama shows a destroyed T-34-76 from Kharkow and is based on the Dragon T-34-85 hull with Tamiya 76 Mod 43 turret plus the addition of MiG Productions T-34 burnt out wheels, Friulmodel tracks, Jordi Rubio barrel, resin engine and Aber etched parts plus numerous scratchbuilt parts.
The descriptive text is highlighted with colour photos of the model during and after construction with the shots of the finished diorama showing the painting and weathering of the destroyed T-34 to good effect.

101st Dalmation by Marijn Van Gils (pages 24-33)
An interesting and different diorama with a film crew from the 101st Airbourne filming a scene posed on top of an upturned Panther partly submerged in the mud.
The diorama includes some scratchbuilt figures as well as an extensively detailed Tamiya Harley Davidson motorcycle for an interesting scene.
The text describes in detail the sculpting of the figures and additional equipment as well of the base and groundwork with numerous colour photos showing the figures and base during and after construction.

Modelling the Panzer IV Ausf E Part1 by Tom Cockle (pages 34-44)
An extensive article on the backdating of a Tamiya Panzer IV H to an Ausf. E. The model has extensive details added from plastic card as well as parts from other Dragon and Tamita kits plus etched parts from Aber and Royal Models with ModelKastern tracks used.
There are numerous details shots of the model during construction to illustrate the descriptive text as well as a couple of pages of detail photos of a museum Panzer IV E to show the detail added to the kit.
The photos of the unpainted model will help anyone wanting to built a Panzer IV E and part two will cover the painting and weathering of the model.

Xtreme detail (pages 45-49)
The usual detailed close-up look at a particular vehicle, this time of an BTR70 APC with many close up shots of the exterior as well as interior that provide many useful details.

Keeping Track - New releases (pages 50-53)
The usual 4 page run down on new products for the modeller with brief descriptions and photos of the products featured.

Building the Bilstein by Darren Thompson (pages 54-64)
This article details the building of the Tiger Model Designs SdKfz 9/1 6ton Bilstein Crane Conversion on the Tamiya FAMO with numerous colour photos of the model during and after construction. The detailed text describes the construction and there are also some reference photos of a surviving Bilstein Crane that show some of the crane details.
This article will be very useful for anyone building the impressive TMD Bilstein Crane conversion.

The issue continues the excellent trend of this magazine.

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