bookMilitary Briefs 2
Israeli Tank Based Carriers

Mouse House Enterprises®
By Marsh Gelbart

ISBN 0-9577586-1-8

Review by Terry Ashley

This is the second military briefs book from Mouse House Enterprises® and this series could well prove to be an essential part of any self respecting reference library.

This 72 page book in the same soft cover A4 format as military briefs 1 deals with the interesting subject of Israeli Tank Based Carriers. These would have to some of the most exotic vehicles around, the Achzarit APC is a really sexy looking vehicle, if that is a term you can apply to an AFV?

The text is kept to a minimum, but what is there is very informative in describing the development and technical aspects of the vehicles covered.

The first 26 pages deal with the Centurion based carriers, starting with the Nagmashot (circa 1983), the Nagmachon (circa 1980s) and the Nakpadon (circa mid 1990s).
Each vehicle is described along with a series of close-up and in service photographs showing the variations between vehicles. Most of the photographs are good quality and fit two to a page, therefore being large enough to show the details well. 1/76 plans are included of the early Nagmashot.

The PUMA Combat Engineer Assault Vehicle is covered in the next 8 pages and includes a brief text description, 1/76 plans and excellent close-up photographs around the vehicle.

The center four pages are in colour with photos of all the featured vehicles and give good indications of the actual colours they are finished in.

The whole second half of the book is devoted to the T54/T55 based ACHZARIT APC and is worth the price of the book alone with the first half just being a bonus.
Superb close-up and semi close-up photographs of the vehicle follow 2 ½ pages of informative text. The close-ups photos show most of the exterior including the top of the crew compartment and engine deck. There are also a series of interior photos abate with some sensitive bits of equipment taped over for obvious reasons.
The remaining photos are again all two to a page for good detail with informative captions and show the Achzarit on various training maneuvers.

An excellent book and a must for any IDF enthusiast containing enough detail to keep any modeller happy. To my knowledge this is the first book dedicated to these interesting vehicles and shed much light on their history and details.

Highly recommended.

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