Sherman Late Production
High Bustle Turret

Trakz TX 0115

1/35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

Trakz have released this late production 75mm turret mastered by David Harper with the set containing just five parts in light cream resin which are cleanly cast without any major blemishes.

Cleaning up of the casting blocks will require care as there are some air holes exposed once the excess resin is removed under the lower front of the turret and the top of the rotor shield and some filling of these may be required?

The detail on the turret shell is excellent with subtle cast texture on the surfaces and weld seams on the lower bustle join and around the top ventilator splash guard which also has the two drainage holes and miniscule casting numbers on the ventilator cover for good measure. I could get really pedantic here and say the two drainage holes should be level with the turret roof and not above the weld seam but that is getting really picky.

The rendering of the thickened cheek armour is also nicely done and represents well the late 75mm turret configuration.

The gun shield, pistol port and three lifting eyes are all cast integral with the turret and there is only some minor excess resin to be removed from inside the lifting eyes while the Commander’s periscope cover is hollow but you will have to add the periscope glass to fill the opening.

The Commander’s cupola with separate hatch has nice details with solid periscopes that are perfectly acceptable once painted while the hatch periscope cover is closed and you will have to add the inner periscope cradle if showing the hatch open.

One strange omission is the Loader’s hatch which you have to source yourself from other kits or aftermarket sets but I couldn’t find a hatch that would fit the turret opening from my stash of Academy, Dragon, Italeri or Tamiya Shermans with the only one that was close was the resin hatch from Tiger Model Designs although this would still require minor sanding to fit and the omission of the hatch is quite puzzling?

There is also no barrel provided but as the hole in the rotor shield is designed to accept the Tamiya barrel which most would have or any of the numerous aftermarket barrels designed for the Tamiya kits it shouldn’t be a problem but again why the barrel and hatch are not there to supply a complete turret will have people wondering?

The lower turret ring needed a bit of trimming to fit the turret but this is xnot an issue as you can’t see the undersides anyway but some alterations to the locating tabs could be required depending on the kit to be used on and it may be easier to remove the tabs and simply fit the turret to the donor hull. The ring is designed for the Italeri kits and fits these perfectly but the hull turret ring cut-out on other Sherman kits (Academy, Dragon, Tamiya) will need to be widened by between 1-2mm for the resin ring to fit, test fitting will determine the amount of widening required.

Details on the rotor shield is again excellent with well defined screw heads and small casting numbers included and as mentioned the barrel opening will accept the Tamiya kit barrel but could be opened up further for any other barrel but you will also have to drill out a hole in the front of the turret gun shield for the part of the barrel that extends out the back of the rotor shield when fitting the shield to the turret.

The fit of the rotor shield and gun to the gun shield is just a butt join so you have to decide on the gun elevation if any before assembly but drilling the locating hole in gun shield in the correct place will help align and hold the barrel/rotor shield in place.

A very nicely done late 75mm turret with good turret texture and details included but the omission of the barrel and Loader’s hatch is quite strange? I can live with no barrel as most modellers buying this turret are bound to have some extra barrels but the Loader’s hatch is another question as it seems the turret is incomplete? But that aside what you do get is very well done and should be welcomed by those wanting a late high bustle 75mm Sherman Turret.

Highly recommended.

The resin parts:

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Thanks to ModelMecca/VLS for the review sample.

Page created 6 May 2005

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