bookThe Postwar Sherman in Canadian Service
by Rod Henderson.
Canada's Weapons of War Series, WOW036
A5 size softback, 24 pages
ISBN: 978-1-894581-76-9
Service Publications,

Review by Peter Brown

As well as forming the mainstay of their tank forces during WW2 - see wow002 - the Sherman was also to serve the Canadian army for many more years postwar.

Around 300 bought were in 1946 and used until the 1970s. These were late-production M4A2 (76mm) Wet HVSS versions usually known as M4A2E8. Many of this type had been supplied to the Soviet Union when they were wartime allies, with the conflict over they were surplus to requirements so could be bought cheaply.

Initially these tanks were used by regular army units, then with the introduction of Centurions in the early 1950s they were passed to the Reserve Force or Militia. They used them for training for many years until they became worn out beyond use. Many were preserved as gate guardians or monuments but others were cut up for scrap or used as targets.

Canadian forces also used some Shermans in anger after 1945. A small armoured force was created to be sent to Korea equipped with M10 17pdr tank destroyers, within days of their arrival these were replaced by M4A3E8 tanks from American stocks. These were to be used by various crews and units until the end of the conflict.
Both uses of Shermans are covered in this book, which includes details of the tanks themselves, lists of the units using them and Canadian modifications such as the troop carrier and flame-thrower versions. Korean service is followed in some detail. Period black and white photos show tanks in service including a turret sectioned for training purposes although unfortunately none of them show use in Korea.

Colour and markings details will be useful for modellers in conjunction with the photos, as will the 1/35th scale plans in the centre pages showing a typical M4A2E8 in Canadian use.

Neatly filling little-covered areas both in the use of Canadian armour and the long service of the Sherman tank, this book is well up to the usual high standard of this series.

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Thanks to Clive Law at Service Publications for the review book.

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