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Review listings by Subject
This section lists all reviews of a particular subject together
for easy access, more listings to follow.
Individual Reviews
Manufacturer: Kit / Detail Set: Scale:
ABER: Etched Update Sets, Accessories & Metal Barrels 1:35th
Academy: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Accurate Armour
Accurate Armour: Kits and Update Sets 1:35th
Ace Decals:
D35001/2 Lend-Lease Tanks in Red Army 1:35th
Adlers Nest
Adlers Nest: Detail/Update Sets 1:35th
AFV Club
AFV Club: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
AFV Modeller AFV Modeller Corrected drive sprockets for Trumpeter 1:16 M1A1 Abrams 1:16th
07360 British Challenger II Tank 1:35th
07362 GMC DUKW 353 1:35th
020 8.8cm PaK 43 1:35th
AMW Lw3571 2cm FlaK38 (L65) barrel, magazine and ammo box set 1:35th
Amusing Hobby Amusing Hobby: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Archer Fine Transfers
Archer Fine Transfers: Dry Transfer Decal sheets 1:35th
Armory Armory: AC 3501 MAZ-537 VI-202 type wheels correction set 1:35th
ARMO: Update/Accessory Sets various
armorscale: Barrel/Update/Accessory Sets 1:35th
Armour Bits:
AB35011 M242 25mm Fluted barrel for LAV-25 1:35th
Armour Track Models:
TK-05 T-55 Track Link Set 1:35th
Armour Track Models:
TK-13 Challenger 2 Track Link Set 1:35th
ATAK Model
ATAK Model: Zimmerit Update Sets 1:35th
No.1 12pdr Carronade 1:35th
Catalogue Summary 1:35th
Atelier infinite
Atelier infinite: Accessory and Individual Track Sets 1:35th
Azimut: Resin Update sets & Kits 1:35th
Barrel Depot
Barrel Depot: Replacement Metal Barrels 1:35th
Bison Decals:
Vehicle Decal Sheets 1:35th
Blast Models
Blast Models: Update/Conversion Sets 1:35th
Brach Models:
BM-029 20mm Flak38 barrel with ejected shell container 1:35th
Brach Models:
BM-041 Hotchkiss H35 Conversion set 1:35th
Bronco Models
Bronco Models: Kit and Accessory set reviews 1:35th
Calibre35: Update/Conversion sets 1:35th
0130: Zimmerit for Tiger I Late Version (AFV Club) 1:35th
C.G.M Productions:
001a/008a Dodge WC21 & WC15 1:35th
Classy Hobby Classy Hobby: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:16th
CMD: Update/Conversion Sets 1:35th
CMK: Engine & Detail Sets 1:35th
Cutting Edge Models:
Australian ASLAV-25 Conversion Kit 1:35th
Cyber Hobby
CyberHobby: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Das Werk Models
DAS WERK: Vehicle Kits, Resin kits & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Decal Star
Decal Star: Resin Update Sets 1:35th
Def.Model Def.Model: Detail/Update Sets 1:35th
Diopark Diopark: Kit Reviews 1:35th
Dragon: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Echelon Fine Details 1:35th
Eduard: Vehicle Kit Reviews various
Elite Armor Productions
Elite Armor Productions: Decal Sheets 1:16th
Mk V "Hermaphrodite" WWI Heavy Battle Tank 1:35th
E.T.Model ET Model: Detail/Update Sets 1:35th
Eureka XXL:
ER-3502: Towing cable for PzKpfw VI Tiger I 1:35th
Eureka XXL:
ER-3519: Towing cable for StuG III Ausf.F-G and StuH 42 1:35th
Fat Frog Scale Models
Fat Frog Scale Models: Update/Accessory Sets 1:16th
Finemolds: Update/Accessory Sets 1:16th
Firestorm: Update & Accessory Sets 1:35th
Formations: Update & Accessory Sets 1:35th
Friulmodel: Individual Track Link Sets 1:35th
Fukuya-Works: 2cm Flak 38 Barrels 1:35th
GAP Models:
G35A001: German 8ton Half Track Front Wheels/Tires 1:35th
Gecko Models
Gecko Models: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Great Wall Hobby
Great Wall Hobby: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Griffon Model Griffon Model: Update and Accessory Sets 1:35th
Gum Ka
Gum Ka: Detail/Update Sets 1:35th
Hard Corps Models
Hard Corps Models: Dry Transfer Decal Sheets 1:35th
MV1 Jeep Willys MB 1:24th
Heavy Hobby
Heavy Hobby: Update and Accessory Reviews 1:35th
Historica Productions:
1029 AR 110 AMI (Land Rover 110) 1:35th
Hobby Boss
Hobby Boss: Kits and Accessory Reviews 1:35th
6003 British Challenger 2 1:35th
6004 British AS-90 SPG 1:35th
Hobby Fan
Hobby Fan Resin Kits: Update & Accessory Sets 1:35th
Hussar: Update sets & Decal Sheets 1:35th
IBG Models IBG Models: Kit Reviews 1:35th
ICM ICM: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
IMA: Resin Kits, Update & Accessory Sets 1:35th
Italeri: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Italian Kits
Italian Kits IK35002 AB41 Libya Sand Tyres 1:35th
Jordi Rubio
Jordi Rubio: Metal Replacment Barrels 1:35th
JP Hobby
JP Hobby 35A12 Maybach HL 42 Engine for Sd.Kfz.251 1:35th
Just Plane Stuff
JPS020 Pantherturm I 1:35th
Just Plane Stuff
German Flak 88 Gun Emplacement 1:35th
Karaya: Tow Cables and MG Barrels 1:35th
K59: Detail/Update Sets 1:35th
Kinetic Model Kits Kinetic Model Kits: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Leadwarrior: Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Legend: Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Armour Workshop
LionMarc Model Designs: Detail/Update Sets 1:35th
Lion Roar
Lion Roar: Etched Update Sets and Metal Barrel Updates 1:35th
Maple Leaf Models:
MLM1001: Michelin XML Tires 1:35th
Master Club
Master Club: Resin Update Sets 1:35th
Masterbox Ltd
Masterbox: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Master Model Master-Model: Metal Barrel Update sets 1:35th
Master Productions
Master Productions: Resin Update & Accessory Sets 1:35th
Meng Model Meng Model: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
MIG Productions
MiG: Resin Update & Accessory Sets 1:35th
Miniarm: Update/Detail Sets 1:35th
Miniart: Kit Reviews 1:35th
Minimanfactory: Resin kits and accessories 1:35th
Mission Models
MM-0001: 28cm Metal Barrel for Dragon Leopold 1:35th
Mission Models
MM003-4: .50cal Shells with ammo belt 1:35th
Mission Models
MM005: 20mm Flak Shells 1:35th
Modelling Artisan:
MGP09: Radiator interior set for Panther D & A 1:35th
Modelkasten: Workable Track Sets 1:35th
Model Point: Barrels and Update Sets 1:35th
Montex Plastic Model Club
Montex: 1:35 and 1:16 Vehicle masks various
Mouse House Decals:
Australian Centurions in Vietnam 1:35th
Mouse House
Mouse House: MA112: ASLAV 25 Phase 2 Conversion 1:35th
MYK Decals:
Armour Decals 1:35th
Nordland Models
Bubi Decal Sheets 1:35th
Karl 60cm Shell 1:35th
K5(E) 28cm Gr 35 Shell 1:35th
Orange Hobby
Detail/Update Sets 1:35th
Pak Decal
PAK-Decals and Details 1:35th
Panda Plastics
Panda Plastics: Individual link workabale Sherman Tracks 1:35th
PS35C108HT VT-55A Recovery/ZS-55A Engineer Vehicle 1:35th
Passion Models
Passion Models: Update/detail sets 1:35th
Perfect Metal Barrel SR: 35022 12.8cm Sf.L/61 "Sturmer Emil" Barrel 1:35th
Perfect Scale Modellbau:
Vehicle Update and Accessory Sets 1:35th
Part: Etched detail sets 1:35th
Plus Model
Plus Models: Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Pro Art
Pro Art Models: Armour Accessories/Update Sets 1:35th
Quartermasters Depot:
British Tanks of WWII Decal Sheets 1:35th
Quickwheel Quickwheel: Resin update sets and wheels masks 1:35th
RB Model
RB Model: Metal replacement barrels 1:35th
Real Model
Real Model: Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Resicast: Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
03075 Crusader Mk.III 1:35th
Riich Models Riich Models: Kit Reviews 1:35th
R&J Products
R & J Products: 35277-8 AB41 Wheels and Tyres 1:35th
Rochm Model
ROCHM Model: Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Royal Models
Royal Models: Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Riich Models Rye Field Model: Kit Reviews 1:35th
scale hardware
Brass Rivets and Bolt heads -
Schatton Modellbau
Replacement Metal Barrels 1:35th
SKP Model
SKP Models Kits: Update and accessory Sets 1:35th
Space Ace Models Space Ace Models: Replacement track sets 1:35th
Takom Takom: Vehicle Kit Reviews various
Tamiya: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Tank Model
TANK: Accessory Sets 1:35th
Tank Workshop
Tank Workshop: Resin Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Tasco/Bego: Kits and accessories 1:35th
The Armory by Gauntlett
TABG: Resin Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Thunder Model Thunder Model: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Thachweave Products
TW001 DUKW Bumpers 1:35th
Tiger Model Designs
TMD: Resin Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Tiger Werke TW 35005 US Stryker Resin Wheels (8) 1:35th
Tommy's War TW54VC01 'L' Battery RHA and the action at Nery, 1st September 1914 54mm
Trakz: Resin Update & Conversion Sets 1:35th
Tristar: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Trumpeter: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Verlinden: Armour Detail / Update Sets 1:35th
Vision Models
Vision Models: Vehicle kit reviews 1:35th
Voyager Models
Voyager Model: Armour PE Update Sets 1:35th
Vulcan Scale Models
Vulcan Scale Models: Kit reviews 1:35th
Detail Update Sets 1:35th
WW2 Productions
WW2 Productions: Individual Track Links/Update Sets 1:35th
Xact Scale Models Xact Scale Models: XS35001 Russian T-80U MBT 1:35th
Zvezda: Vehicle Kit Reviews 1:35th
Review listings by Subject
This section lists all reviews of a particular subject together
for easy access, more listings to follow.

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