Machined Aluminum 28cm Barrel
for Dragon Leopold with Rifling

Review by Terry Ashley
Mission Models

This 28cm metal barrel from Mission Models is designed for the Dragon 28cm K5 (E) Railway Gun and is the simplest of updates as it replaces the kit barrel without the need for any alterations.

The finely machined barrel is 380mm long (the same as the kit plastic barrel obviously) and is hollowed out to a depth of 52mm at the muzzle end with rifling included on the first 5mm while the breech end is also hollowed out to a depth of 160mm. This means the barrel is not completely hollow but this is probably a good thing as an over enthusiastic Customs Official could get very excited with a barrel this large if it were hollowed out completely.

Weighing in at 228grams (about 8 oz) it is heavier than the kit barrel (30grams, just over 1oz) but this shouldn’t be a problem as the barrel support assembly in the kit is quite robust and is designed in the same way as the real thing to support the large barrel.

The metal barrel alleviates the need to sand the join seams ensuring it is perfectly round and especially the join at the muzzle which is difficult to eliminate on the plastic barrel. Fitting to the kit is the same as with the plastic barrel, simply assemble the kit parts F26/F27/F34/F35 as per instructions and glue the new barrel in place, for this I used a 2 part 5 minute epoxy as this will give a stronger bond than Cyanoacrylate.

Mission Models

The simplest of updates to add to your Leopold.

See the Mission Models site for ordering details.

Page created 13 October 2003

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