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AB-41 Armored Car Tires & Wheels
R&J Products sets #35277 & 35278
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley


R & J Products have released two sets of resin wheels and tyres for the recent Italeri AB41 (kit #6442) cast in light grey resin, each set having six tyres and wheels with the first set having the standard tyres and the second the Libya style sand tyres.

The first set #35277 has the four main wheels and two spare wheels and tyres which are cleanly cast with just a small pour point to clean up prior to fitting the kit hub cap to the main wheels.

While the quality of the resin casting is very good the wheels are simply resin reproductions of the Italeri kit wheels/tyres even with the kit pin marks on the inside of the rims.

As there is no detail difference between these and the kit wheels it is just a case of deciding if you prefer resin wheels over the kit plastic/rubber wheels setup.

Set #35277 Tires and Wheels
R&J Products
R&J Products
R&J Products

The second set #35278 is the Libya style sand tyres and again the Italeri kit wheels are used as a basis with the resin sand tyres added and the kit pin marks are still evident on the inside of the wheels. There are also a couple of areas where the wheel rim is cast so thin some small gaps appear around the outer edge of the rims.

The quality of resin casting is good overall with just a small amount of the pour plug to be removed but the rubber tyre sections are the exact same size, thickness and tread pattern as the Italian Kits set of sand tyres. This of course would be quite possible where both sets depict the tyres correctly.

These wheels also require you to use the kit hub caps to finish off the wheels as you do with the Italeri kit wheels and are handy if you prefer resin wheels.

Set #35278 Tires and Wheels
R&J Products
R&J Products
R&J Products

Recommended for those preferring resin wheels.

See the Autoblindo AB41/43 subjects page for reviews of other sets available.

Thanks to R & J Products for the review set.

Page created April 18, 2006

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