Italian Kits
AB-41 Libya Sand Tyres
Italian Kits Set #IK35002
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley


Italian Kits have released this simple set of Libya style sand tyres for the recent Italeri AB41 (kit #6442) cast in light grey resin the set includes eight tyres designed to fit to the plastic wheel rims in the Italeri kit.

The quality of casting is very good with just a small amount of excess resin at the pour plugs to be removed but there is a bit of a casting scar around the pour point but this can be positioned at ground contact so isn’t really a problem.

The tread pattern is nicely represented and two of the tyres have worn down tread which is almost smooth in some places and gives a very good impression of well used tyres as opposed to the mint condition tyres usually included for a nice variation.

Italian Kits

The fit of the resin tyres to the kit rims is very good but take note they only fit one way around on the plastic rims which will become apparent as you fit them and any minor gaps around the rim/tyre join can be filled with the thick cyanoacrylate you will use to attach the wheels to the rims. The inner kit brake drum is them fitted as per kit instructions for a quick and easy update.

A simple update set for the sand tyre option with nicely represented tread pattern and good fit to the kit rims to add a different feel to the Italeri kit.

Highly recommended

Tyres fitted to kit wheels
Italian Kits

See the Autoblindo AB41/43 subjects page for reviews of other sets available.

Thanks to my Credit Card and Blast Models for the review set.

Page created April 18, 2006

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