K5/Leopold 28cm Gr 35 Shell
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

Dragon Trumpeter
Following the release of the excellent Karl 60cm shell comes this 28cm Gr 35 shell for the K5(E) Railway Gun.

The Gr35 was the most common shell fired by the K5s but there were other types used and for information on these check probably the best source available at

The Nuts’n’Bits Gr 35 shell comes in a one piece casting of excellent quality with only a small sliver of resin film around the lower section to be removed, which is easily done with a sharp blade.
The shell features excellent details from the fine splines around the lower shell to the screw heads on the upper sections to the details on the base.

All that is required is to paint the shell before added to either the Dragon or Trumpeter K5 kits, the Nuts’n’Bits shell is a huge improvement over the Gr 35 shell in the Dragon kit while the Trumpeter kit only includes another type of shell (the Gr 42 I think but stand to be corrected on that) but not the Gr 35 so this will certainly help there.

At US$7.00 each plus a single US$5.00 postage charge for any number of shells to anywhere in the world it is reasonably priced especially considering the excellent details on the shell.

For a detailed look at the shell during the production and casting stages check out the Nuts'n'Bits website or contact Daniel at for details. Payment can be made via Paypal and thanks to Daniel for review shell.

The Nuts'n'Bits resin shell before and after
cleaning off the fine resin casting film and the real Gr 35 shell
Base details
The shells from the two K5 kits with the Nuts'n'Bits shell


Page created 22 August 2003

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