German 8ton Half Track
Front Tires/Wheels
(Pattern A)

GAP Model 1:35 set #G35A001
Review by Terry Ashley


GAP Models from Japan have released a set of resin front wheels/tyres to replace the very basic items from the various Tamiya Sd.Kfz.7 8ton Half Track kits with the wheels representing the pattern A tyre and tread pattern.

There are the two wheels in the set cast in a light cream resin with just the usual small casting block and some fine resin film between the wheels spokes which comes away very easily with a sharp X-Acto #11 blade. A minor casting seem is on the inside of the rim between the spokes which will need care to remove and there is a scar on the bottom of the tread once the casting block is removed with the tread pattern either side of the casting block not as well defined as on the other part of the tyres. The casting scar can be positioned at ground contact to keep out of sight once fitted to the model so this shouldn't be a problem.

The wheels are designed to take the Tamiya kit poly cap wheel hub to attach to the front axle and the fit of the poly cap is a little loose as it is with the Tamiya wheels.

Overall the tread pattern A is well done with the clean casting making for wheels with far better detail than the basic vinyl tyres and plastic wheels of the Tamiya kits for a simple update to greatly improve the look of the model.


Resin wheels with images of the tread pattern
and the lower wheel after the removal of the casting block (right)

GAP ModelsGAP ModelsGAP Models
Wheel with Tamiya poly cap hub and Tamiya kit wheel for comparison
GAP ModelsGAP Models

Thanks to my Credit Card and the excellent mail order service from Rainbow Ten for the review set.

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