Voyager Model
1/35th Dry Transfer Sheets
Reviews by Terry Ashley
Hard Corps Models have released their first sets of dry transfer marking sheets and a resin update set for the M4A3.

General comments:
Each sheet is quite small averaging 50mm square but includes a good selection of markings. The markings/data is well printed with the finely printed stencil data being fully legible. The markings adhered well to the painted surface but did require firm pressure to get a good separation especially on some of the smaller lettering and it is important to ensure the individual marking does not move when being applied.

The individual marking should be cut from the sheet and held in place on the model while you rub it down, to do this I use the rounded end of an old paintbrush handle to hold the marking in place and another old paintbrush handle cut to a blunt chisel point as this allows good pressure without damaging the transfer or paintwork should you slip while rubbing and the chisel point spreads the pressure evenly over the transfer.

When removing the carrier film always keep one end or corner firmly held against the model so if part of the marking has not separated completely from the backing sheet you can lay it back down in the same spot to rub over the offending marking again.

The good thing with these and any dry transfer system is that no glossing of the model is required and there is no possibility of silvering but you do still need to apply a final coat of matt to seal the transfer before weathering but this can be done as soon as all transfers are applied further lessening the time taken in applying the markings.

Click on the links below for a look at the individual sheets.

See the Hard Corps Models website for full details and ordering.
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