British AS-90 SPG
Kit No. 6004
1/35th Scale
First Look Review by John Harris

DragonHobbycraft have reboxed the Trumpeter AS-90 self propelled gun and included their own sheet of 'Op Telic' related decals.

I will not cover the plastic as these have been covered in the previous AS-90 Review and the box states these parts are 'Provided by Trumpeter Models' .

The Hobbycraft decals provided (in addition to the standard Trumpeter sheet) covers just one vehicle, though the box offers no clues to the identity or location of the vehicle. There are also decals included which are not mentioned on the instructions, so decent references would be useful.

The kit has been overshadowed slightly by the Trumpeter C2, and Accurate Armour provide a couple of 'update sets' intended for the Trumpeter kit which will of course fit this vehicle.

Overall, little advantage over the Trumpeter kit except the price (£12.50 in the UK) and the 'Op Telic' decal sheet.


Page created 11 February 2004

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